Smart Text Removal
We know that hardcoded subtitles are subtitles that are already embedded in the movie and are difficult to remove. However, GhostCut can intelligently remove these texts. It only needs to be processed with one click, allowing you to easily remove subtitles.
Video Remaker
Why is your video not getting traffic? Each platform is friendly to original debut content, and your video may have certain footage like other videos, causing the platform to judge whether your video is portable or non-original. GhostCut has tons of editing modes to make your videos unique.
Video Translation and Dubbing
There's no need to manually translate and dub videos anymore. With GhostCut, you can translate the audio or subtitles into other languages with just one click, and then dub over the original audio and erase the original subtitles, making it easy to reach global audiences.
One Click Multi-style
GhostCut can make 1 video create multiple styles of creativity. You can simply copy your video link from any social media platform and paste it into GhostCut. After a while, you can get several videos in different styles, choose the one you like, upload it to TikTok, Shorts, Youtube, Kwai, Moj...