Smart Text Removal
We know that hardcoded subtitles are subtitles that are already embedded in the movie and are difficult to remove. However, GhostCut can intelligently remove these texts. It only needs to be processed with one click, allowing you to easily remove subtitles.
Video Remaker
Why is your video not getting traffic? Each platform is friendly to original debut content, and your video may have certain footage like other videos, causing the platform to judge whether your video is portable or non-original. GhostCut has tons of editing modes to make your videos unique.
Video Translation and Dubbing - Automatic
There's no need to manually translate and dub videos anymore. With GhostCut, you can translate the audio or subtitles into other languages with just one click, and then dub over the original audio and erase the original subtitles, making it easy to reach global audiences.
Short Film Narration
It used to take only 3 minutes to edit a commentary video in one hour, saving 95% of the time. He can automatically extract commentaries, automatically mark roles, automatically generate commentaries according to the plot, automatically separate the background sound and retain the original sound, and automatically align the sound and picture Every detail of this product is an efficient combination of AI and automation.
Video Translation Professional
Xiaobai can translate without learning editing skills. Automatically extract translated lines, automatically mark roles, automatically generate translated words according to the story, automatically separate background sound and retain the original sound, and automatically align sound and picture It used to take one hour to edit a translation video, but now it only takes three minutes, saving 95% of the time.
Image Translation
In the past, every time we used image translation, MetLife was troubled by various details such as unclean erasure, inconsistent font, untidy layout, and false erasure of commodity text. It also had to work with an editor for secondary editing, which was time-consuming and laborious. Now ghostly editing can greatly solve the above problems. Compared with all the friends, the first availability rate and the first perfect rate after translation have increased by 25% -70%.
Image Text Removal
To remove text from a picture, you usually need to mark the position of the text manually to erase it. However, if there are many words or pictures to be processed, it will consume energy. Now, you can use the image and text edited by Ghost Hand to automatically remove the text. He uses AI to accurately detect all the text, supports hundreds of languages, and then uses the latest repair model to remove the text. It's very simple and practical.