Turn movie clips into narrations with one click!
Easy,fast and everyone can make it
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Anyone Can Make Narration Videos. So Easy!
No need to learn editing skills, no need to use multiple authoring tools like Capcut、filmora and Premiere Pro.Just upload your movie clips to GhostCut, and it will automatically generate narration videos for you. It really makes it possible for everyone to do film commentary, variety show and short drama narrations. Everyone can make a hit.
Get a narration video in 3 minutes. So fast!
This AI tool cuts editing time from 1 hour to 2 minutes (96% faster!). It automatically extracts dialogue, identifies characters, generates commentary based on the plot, separates background noise, and aligns audio/video. Every aspect is powered by efficient AI and automation.
Excellent Case
How It Works
Just four steps to automatically generate commentary videos for films and television shows.
Upload Video
You can upload from local files or paste links from social media platforms, and choose the language.
Proofread Dialogue
Proofread the dialogue and mark the characters appearing in the play.
Proofread the Commentary
Check the commentary and set the voiceover artist.
Download the Processed Video
It only takes a few minutes to process.
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Supports HD
Longer Duration
Faster Processing
Batch Editing
adjust subtitles
Overlay other processing
API support