Video Translation Pro
Professional, accurate, supports multiple characters
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Auto Calibrated with LLM, So Accurate
In GhostCut translation product, we automatically recognize speech and subtitles, but the recognition usually has errors, which also affects the accuracy of the translation. GhostCut utilizes ChatGPT and Gemini to auto calibrate the text recognized by ASR and OCR.After testing, 92 out of 100 videos can be translated with 100% accuracy without any human calibration. This was impossible in the past. GhostCut accomplished it.
Supports Multi-Character Dubbing,So Easy
If there are multiple characters in a video, the translation requires a different voice for each. Other software is difficult to use. GhostCut can automatically identify characters, automatically calibrate lines, automatically clone voices, automatically align sound and picture, and edit and synthesize with one click. The operation is really simple.
Excellent Case
How to use Video Translation Pro
Translate and dub multi-character videos in just four steps
Upload Video
You can upload video locally or with SRT at the same time.
Recognize characters and calibrate lines
The system will automatically recognize the characters and calibrate, check it out
Set voice for each character
Handle the voice, background sound, and can also removed text.
Download the processed video
Wait for a few minutes to be processed
Activate membership to get more text removal benefits.
Supports high-definition
For a longer period of time
Faster processing
Batch processing
Ultra low price
Subtitle adjustment
Voice Clone
Support API