Translate videos and perform precise proofreading
Professional, convenient, everyone can do it
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Xiao Bai can also do translation, it's too simple
No need to learn editing skills, no need to use multiple authoring tools such as Jianying and PR. As long as you have movie clips, variety interviews, and short drama videos, upload them to Ghost Hand and they will automatically generate translated videos for you. We have truly achieved that everyone can do film and television translation, variety shows, and short drama translation. Everyone can make a hit.
3 minutes for an original translation, it's really fast
Previously, editing a translated video every hour only took 3 minutes, saving 95% of the time. He can automatically extract translated lines, mark characters, generate translated words based on the plot, separate background sound and retain the original sound, and align sound and picture automatically Every detail of this product is an efficient combination of AI and automation.
Excellent Case
One click generation of translation video usage process
In just four steps, automatically generate translated videos for movies and TV shows
Upload video
You can upload or paste the social media platform link locally and select the language
Proofreading lines
Proofread lines and mark characters that appear in the play
Proofreading translated words
Check the translated words and set up a voice actor
Download the processed video
Wait a few minutes and it will be resolved
Activate membership, more features waiting for you to explore
Supports high-definition
For a longer period of time
Faster processing
Batch processing
Ultra low price
Subtitle adjustment
Overlay other processing
Support API